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Classic Massage

Using classic Swedish techniques, this massage works lymphatic, promotes circulation, while relaxing stressed and sore muscles.

Massage Of Your Choice
30 minutes = $40
45 minutes = $58
60 minutes = $75

Back, Neck & Shoulders
30 minute massage = $40
45 minute massage = $58
60 minute massage = $75

Deep Tissue Massage
30 minute massage = $45
60 minute massage = $80

Hot Stone Massage
30 minute, Back, Neck & Shoulders = $45
45 minute, Full Body massage = $60
60 minute, Full Body massage = $80

Massage Therapies

Stress Relief Massage – 30min / 45min / 60min
Focusing on feet, Back neck and shoulders relieving muscle and tension build up.

Relaxation Massage – 30min / 45min / 60min
Relaxing yet affective massage to sooth and relive muscle tension. Helps to speed up blood circulation for smooth functioning of internal body parts, calming nerves and softening tissue while going into a deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Therapy – 30min / 45min / 60min
This treatment goes above and beyond any other massage form. Using ancient healing rituals, the warm stones are glided and worked over the body, soothing aching muscles and restoring the bodies balance. Treat yourself to a regular massage and feel the benefits.

Pregnancy Massage – 30min / 45 min / 60min
After your first trimester you can experience a unique way to bond with your baby through massage. Lying on your stomach is a wonderful feeling with our pregnancy bed. Using a combination of warm oils and soothing music, your body with feel your babies glow. Revives headaches, aches, pains and poor circulation while enjoying a deep relaxing massage.